Annual Medical Summit

Annual Medical Summit was the first ever medical education focused event in Bangladesh organized by Roche Bangladesh Limited on 7 Septmeber 2018. Prof. Dr. Md. Moarraf Hossain, Director, National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital put his welcome speech at very beginning of this event. He expressed cordial thanks towards for organizing this kind of event.

Early breast cancer care at adjuvant setting has ever been an un attended area in the feld of oncology. In the curative HER2+ eBC setting, more efficacious treatment options are needed to prevent recurrence or progression to incurable mBC. With a view to minimize this gap, Professor Qamruzzaman Chowdhury (Director, Bangladesh Specialized Hospital) delivered a remarkable presentation on ‘Unmet needs driving closer to cure- HER2 positive BC’ which was greatly applauded by the audiences.

As we are gradually entering into cancer immunotherapy era, it is crucial to educate doctors about its concept and advancement in different cancer types. The very much highlighted presentations were from Professor Mofazzel Hossain (Chief Consultant Oncologist, BRB Hospital, Dhaka) and Professor Syed Akram Hussain (Consultant Oncologist, Sqaure Hospital, Dhaka) on cancer Immunotherapy, its concept and its advancement in Lung Cancer and Bladder Cancer. Muliple interactive Q&A and panel discussion made this session more informative.

With the participation of rising oncologists and a breast cancer survivor, there was a real life cancer journey experience exchange session which touched every one participated at this event.

The FMI section of the booth was a very timely opportunity to highlight our recent and upcoming Foundation One Medicine launch. We made sure to draw our customers’ attention to these important therapeutic evolutions within our portfolio to extend the benefits of comprehensive genomic profling to more patient. A 3-D video allowed providing customers with more in-depth information about the Roche FMI collaboration, the need for CGP, our Services and future Personalized Health Care Strategy. Our designated Medical lead for FMI Dr. Fahim Ahmed was present at the booth and provided answers regarding the FMI.

Roche Medically Booth’s presence at Annual Medical Summit contributed to further increase excitement into the HCPs for the recent scientific data. Currently, post-congress materials were present at the site. It also provided evidence regarding urge for updated knowledge of Health Care Professionals.

Prof. Dr. M.A Hai, the living legend among oncologists of Bangladesh concluded the event with his wholehearted congratulations to the speakers, Roche Bangladesh Limited and the attendees. He believes that the scientific platform helped the practicing oncologists in Bangladesh to understand the strategy, future of Cancer therapy, foundation medicine, CIT, and the unmet need in the country. Having frequent scientific summit like this will definitely give a new dimension in cancer therapy and build up strong patient-physician relationship.

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