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Haemophilia can be a significant burden on people with the condition and their caregivers. One of the greatest challenges for someone with haemophilia A is balancing their condition with daily life.

People living with haemophilia A either lack, or do not have enough of, a clotting protein called factor VIII. This means that their blood does not clot properly, which can lead to uncontrolled bleeding.


people worldwide are affected by haemophilia A. There are many misconceptions about this rare bleeding disorder.

Having haemophilia means coming to terms with restrictions caused by the condition, many of which are linked to physical activity, such as contact sports.

Not all bleeding is caused by external injuries. Some people experience spontaneous bleeding into joints, which can be extremely painful and result in long-term damage.

Although there has been progress in the treatment of haemophilia A, clinical challenges remain.

People with haemophilia A usually need to administer their treatment every few days – or as often as every day for those who have developed inhibitors. Finding a vein for treatment infusions can be difficult, especially in children.

Nearly 1 in 3

people with severe haemophilia A develop inhibitors, or antibodies, which recognise the factor VIII as foreign and stop it from working.

People with haemophilia A are in need of new treatment options that reduce the number and severity of bleeds, address the problem of inhibitor development and offer a more convenient administration.

At Roche, we see our growing relationship with this community as a partnership to hopefully change the way people with haemophilia A can live their lives.

At the moment, prophylaxis offers protection from bleeds, but there are still peaks and troughs in that protection.

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